What is the IP Address for Local Networks

19 2168.0.100 is a private IP address. This means that it will only be used in private networks where the router or the IP address of one of the devices in the network.

Router manufacturers assign their default personal IP address to their router. Address 19 is a generic router, but some broadband router models and access points use it (and other devices), some NETGEAR models and some printers that belong to serocom and uissorobotics relation.

Use this IP address to organize your router or other devices via administrative console.

How private IP addresses work
The IP address of the private network can not be accessed directly from the Internet. However, to connect to another device on the network, any device on the local network can be used.

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (INA) manages IP addresses and some numbers block the block privately. This is: - -
19 2,168.0.0 - 19 2,168,255,255
Private IP addresses can not be used on any Internet or other local network or devices devices. For example, Ping works on this address if it is generated by another device in the local area network. However, if tried outside of the network, it will not work.

For this reason, private IP addresses do not have to be unique in addition to their local area network.

Note that no private private IP address is special - the device on the local network does not have any better performance or security than address 19: 2,168.0.100, compared to other individual addresses.

Access your router administration console

You can organize your router or other device via an administrative console. Generally, this should not be required because your device's default settings are generally correct. However, if you want to configure your router, for example to change your default IP address, or to assign a specific address to your network, you can do it in the address bar, such as entering your IP address, enter it with access You are:

It starts the admin panel of your device. You will be prompted to enter a username and password combination The router comes with the default username / password. Usernames are usually "administrators" or "users", while passwords can be "administrators", "users" or "1234". Some manufacturers' devices carry the ship without a default username or password, so you can access your console easily from this dialogue box.

If you do not know it yet
To prevent someone from changing settings on your local network, always set the user's name and password in your router's administrator's console.

Determine your device's IP address

Your device's IP address is usually on a packaging or under the device. If you can not find it, you can access it from your computer.

Router's Default IP:

To determine the default IP address of your router, use the window's ipconfig utility:

Click the Start menu in the search box on the right.

Style cmd Then click on the command prompt.
Screenshot of Command Prompt and CMD search term under Windows 10
Type ipconfig to display a list of all your computer's attachments.

Screenshots of the Command Prompt application on Windows 10 with the command ipconfig command
Your router's IP address is listed in the "Local Area Connection" section and is known as "Default gateway".

The default gateway result of the ipconfig command in the Command Prompt window on Windows 10 Just the bus.

How to get your printer's IP address (printer's IP address)

You can usually get the default IP of your printer by accessing the device and printer in the control panel, right-clicking on the printer and selecting the printer properties. Generally, the IP address is displayed in the Places fields or in the General tab's Ports tab.

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